Pressure Is NOT OK On Your Roof!

I’m a long-time neighbor (23 years) and also happened to be the owner of 954PressureCleaning LLC. I write this post not just to advertise my business, but to sincerely inform my neighbors and protect your all from damaging your most precious investment, your home.

Pressure washing causes irreversible damage to roofs. That’s why roofing manufacturers consistently warn against the use of pressure to clean their products.

Power washing roof tiles with high-pressure devices can damage your roof’s underlay, and it places undo pressure on the material beneath the tiles, which can cause ripping and tearing. This pressure will erode the surface layer causing it to be more porous. This allows dirt, mold and mildew to accumulate and grow faster. Also, since pressure washing (water) does not kill the mold, mildew and algae; your roof will get dirty again within 6 months.

We guarantee our roof cleaning for 2 years!

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Why don’t these companies inform you about this? Simple, because they don’t care. If they did, they would have done the research I did before going into the business. It is cheaper for them to use pressure because they don’t have the costs of chemicals and other equipment. So, please beware of who you let on your roof. Not everyone does business honestly. We do, because it’s who we are. We were raised in this neighborhood, so we genuinely care about you all. The best and only approved method by roof manufacturers is a chemical soft wash. Those of you that are skeptical about the results of this process, take a look at the photo again. Even if you don’t choose 954PressureCleaning, please go with a chemical soft wash for your roof cleaning, not pressure.

We guarantee all of our roof cleanings for two full years. If you get an HOA letter anytime before two years we will come back and clean it for FREE!

A lot of other companies who clean with our same process offer this guarantee. Your roof pressure washing companies will not and cannot offer this guarantee.

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