Many Pembroke Pines, FL & Miramar, FL residents have beautiful hardscapes including paver patios, flagstone walkways, stone walls, paver driveways and more.

Over time, these hardscapes can become faded, dull & moldy

The joints between the pavers begin to separate over time allowing weeds to grow in between to pavers. Our paver sealing services will reverse the effects of time and protect your hardscapes in the future. We use top-of-the-line water-based sealer, which prevents the risk of sealer failure. You can trust 954 Pressure Cleaning LLC to provide quality work in the greater Miami area!

954 Pressure Cleaning can clean and restore your hardscapes including your paver, stone and concrete hardscapes. Our pressure washing and paver sealing service includes:

  • Pressure cleaning the surfaces
  • Adding granular jointing sand in between pavers
  • Applying two-part protective paver sealant

We use a professional-grade, crystal clear urethane sealant; you can learn more about the product's specifics here. Because it’s water-reducible, it is eco-friendly and can be applied wet on the same day. Our paver and hardscape sealant will restore and protect your pavers, concrete and stone surfaces.

Paver Sealing & Paver Cleaning

Benefits of paver sealing:

  • Restores natural color and beauty
  • Prevents weeds from growing in cracks
  • Repels dirt
  • Protects from sun exposure
  • Protects from foot traffic and usage

Call today to learn how 954 Pressure Cleaning can restore your Pembroke Pines, FL & Miramar, FL pavers, patio, concrete, driveway, flagstone and other hardscaped areas.